The Polylimnio waterfall hike

We didn’t expect too much when we read about a waterfall just off the road from Kalamata to Pílos, but we were surprised with what we found.

The Polylimnio waterfalls are near the village of Charavgí from where a well-marked route over a dirt road leads to a parking just next to the valley.

But first we had to tackle the small roads of the village.
Getting closer
The descent with washed out grooves required 4×4
Edi in danger!
First fallen rock got him
First waterfall of many
A good path leads up the river through dense vegetation.
Autumn is here
Another waterfall
And many more
The danger of falling rocks was no empty threat
The climb starts
The highest waterfall is getting into sight
Reaching the main waterfall

The day before we had heavy rain which made the rocks very slippery. But it also was the reason for a lot of water coming down the river and great waterfalls between the many lakes. These lakes are in summer a great spot for a dip, today it wasn’t enticing enough to strip and jump 🙂

Queen Olga snowdrops – a variety which blooms in autumn
Climbing up next to the waterfall
Clamps and ropes were securing the way over slippery rocks
Reaching the last waterfall
My favourite waterfall
The last climb through the waterfall
Very slippery
Finally, we reached a path which lead us to a road and back to our parking
Here it comes
Tackling the grooves uphill now
Definitely the flower of the day!

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