South of Messinia

As we had circled the two first “fingers” of the Peloponnese we also made a tour around the third one, visiting 2 cute little villages with Venetian castles: Koroni and Methoni!

We first arrived at Koroni and found a parking before we got into the narrow streets of the village, which saved us some excitement.

Streets of Koroni
Fantastic hardware store, we bought ourselves a floor mat here!
Monastery inside the castle walls 
Entrance to the monastery
Monks harvesting their olives
Chapel in the remains of a much older church
Who lived here?
At the top of the old fortress tower
Nun packing a little Christmas present for us
Road along the southern coast of Messinia
Lunch break in Methoni
Delicious beetroot salad
Edi found another friend!
Fortress of Methoni with a bridge over the moat
Restored part of the castle
Octagonal Bourtzi tower from 1500
View back from the Bourtzi tower on a tiny island
View from the northern tower
Impressive third entrance gate
Flower of the Day
Parking for the night
We found a parking on the beach of the Navarino bay near Pylos. From here, our next hike will start tomorrow.  (36.954887, 21.669404)

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