The Church

When leaving Portugal in the North we arrived at the Spanish province of Zamora. We saw the signs for San Pedro de la Nave, a Visigothic church from the 7th century!

The weather was still more than unpredictable, but the sun in combination with dark clouds, rainbows and rain showers made a great scenery.
When we reached San Pedro de la Nave the church was closed, but a sign said to call a number and somebody will come. We called and 10 minutes later a lovely lady appeared, opening the church for us and explaining everything (of course in Spanish).
Already on the outside we discovered a frieze

Originally the church was sited on the banks of the river Esla, but when the Ricobayo dam was built in 1930, it was moved to avoid submersion in the waters of the dam.

Getting all the details explained

The columns are from Portuguese and Italian marmol with wonderful pedestals

Horseshoe arche, typical for Visigothic architecture, seperates the apse

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

The decoration of the church is among the most outstanding of pre-Romanesque architecture. It shows biblical scenes like the Sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham or Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Sorry I forgot this one, maybe Noah?

From here we drove over minor roads to the Ricobayo dam to spend the night on its shore.

Some potholes on the way
Parking for the night

Flower of the day

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