The American Motorcycle Museum

Time to visit the museum of classic mobility on wheels “AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM @ Raalte, NL”

Very fine Collection of American bikes!

At the age of 25, Max Middelbosch bought, together with his wife Ans, his first Harley-Davidson. It was an ‘Electra Glide’, which he liked because of its style, sound and character.

Together they started riding through Europe, many times to destinations in far communist east. And a lifelong passion was born.


Entrance to the museum.

Still family business …

Now the collection consists of about 150 American motorcycles, mostly Harley-Davidson and Indian. The American motorcycle which is still produced and was produced the most, is Harley-Davidson, so this motorcycle is best represented in the collection. But motorcycles such as Ace, Excelsior, Henderson, Thor, Rikuo, Super X and Mabeco are also exhibited in the museum. 

The museum gives an overview of American motorcycles produced between the beginning of 1900 to the 1980’s.
Very impressive collection in very good condition!

Exploring the details of a early 4 stroke 1 cylinder engine.

Modern flat track “Harley” of the 70´s

The workshop where the restauration and conservation is done.
1911 Reading Standard RS (very rare, value abt. 70.000.- Euro)

About to leave …

Flower of the day!

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