Snow covered mountains & a swim at a lonesome bay

Winter had arrived in Crete, with the mountains covered in snow. But down at the coast the weather was nice again and when we discovered the most beautiful bay, I couldn’t resist and go for a swim.

With more than 2,400 metres, the mountains had received their first snow of the year, which now glistened fabulously in the sun. It was a fantastic contrast to the blue sea and the green hills of olive trees.

We had spent a night east of Rethymno at Geropotamos beach (35.413400, 24.645521) from where we had a great view over to this arch.
Parking for the Night
There was a beach further west we hadn’t visited yet because of the bad weather during the last 3 days, but which was recommended to us, and so we drove back to the area of Chania where we passed the airport and military base to reach Seitan Limania beach. (35.551558, 24.192287) A fantastic road leads down the cliff to get close to the gorge, which ends here spectacularly with a final zigzag at the sea.
Steep hairpins leading down
Seitan Limani beach just for us!
Walking down into the gorge to get to the beach.
These rock climbers were wondering about us.
Reaching the little beach
The water was not cold at all …
… which led to a swim in this fabulous canyon
A car had made it down here, but just in parts.
Climb back up to the car park
The parking felt too close to the cliff for a comfortable night
Flower of the Day

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