Pulo do Lobo & Serpa

At the hill above the Pulo do Lobo waterfall we had found a peaceful place. Down in the valley we climbed over many rocks to get a good view of the river and the waterfall.

the canyon of the Guadiana River
her he comes looking very peaceful
between the rocks we were surprised to find many shells
rocks formed by the immense power of the river
forcing its way through the rocks
on the way back up
yellow lupins covering the pastures
We soon reached the town of Serpa on our way north. As all the little towns along the Spanish border it has a castle in the centre and a strong wall around it.
sidewalk covered in oranges, we have no idea why
spectacular entrance to the castle

A former tower was destroyed by an earthquake and half of it lies now on the wall, forming an interesting entrance to the castle. We climbed the wall and walked around the town to enjoy the views.

Special in Serpa is the aqueduct on top of the city wall, bringing water into the centre of town.

In the evening, we reached the reservoir of Alqueva. The dam was completed in 2002 and its reservoir reached the full level for the first time in 2010. The Alqueva Dam constitutes one of the largest dams and artificial lakes in Europe with 250 square kilometres and a length of 85km.
Sunset at the reservoir of Alqueva
Flower of the day

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