Offroad Training

We spent a day testing our new winch and driving offroad to get a better feeling of what is possible with our “cochecito” and where the limits are.

don´t worry about sloping tracks

read the track, don´t drive to fast!
it is very important to practice using the winch

Since we took off the draw bar the angle of slope at the back is better, which allowed us to go on more tracks than before.

really no problem to go down steep gravel roads
the limit is the slope angle at the rear!
look for the right track to protect the car

We are now much more confident to drive on uneaven ground and on sloping pathes. We can recommend everybody to get an offroad training with their own car.

the 4×4 works perfect even on steep sections
dont´t be afraid of leaning over, or is this over the limit???

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