Maintenance keeps the house running …

After 12 Month and 30 thousand Km in Africa we are lucky, that we had no problems at all running our house through the (sometimes) very difficult tracks along our route. Even we are carrying 4 spare tires, we had not one puncture in the last year. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 is performing good!

But this is just the result of our intense maintenance plan we run always ahead the suggested intervals.

At the “Jungle Junction” Nairobi we had the chance to do our next necessary maintenance, Chris, the owner of the place, was very helpful providing helping hands and organised to stock up spare parts like filters and oil.

luckily not our oil filter and oil spill!
on track inspection of the suspension
good tools always save trouble
Shock rubber mount after 30 000 Km in rough terrain
needs urgent replacement
spares received from Europe
if you find the right tool, replacement is easy going
oilchange after 10 000 Km because of high sulfur Diesel
oil and filter looks good
rotten air filter to be changed
nice to be on track again with a well serviced “house”

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