Kayaking and biking @ Groningen

We had checked in at a very nice camping, where we could rent kayaks and explore the North of Groningen also per bike.

Camping Marenland

We were so happy about the good weather, although it was not very warm. At our camping we rented a kayak and did a tour around the channels of Winsum admiring the lovely houses along the waterfront.

The next day, we took the bikes and cycled on a recommended route from Winsum to Noordpolderzijl “at the coast” of the North Sea. Finding your way in the Netherlands with your bike is very easy. They have a system of numbered points and you just have to follow the signs from one point to the next.
We enjoyed the open landscape and the good weather
Where to go?
Port of Noordpolderzijl during low tide

Noordpolderzijl is named after the zijl (sluice) in the dyke of the Noordpolder. The original sluice was built in 1811, when the Noordpolder was made dry. The hamlet consisting mainly of a pub is located on the land side of the sluice. At the other side of the dyke is the tidal harbour of Noordpolderzijl, which is the smallest seaport in the Netherlands.

Gate to close the dyke
Church of Breede
Flower of the Day

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