The Mustard Factory

In Eenrum, in the province of Groningen, we found a tiny factory where mustard is produced in the traditional way. We were interested how mustard is made, so we went for a visit.

Abrahams Mosterdmakerij also has a windmill ūüôā

Historical shop still in use
Mill to crush the mustard seeds
We could watch a video showing the process of producing mustard from the seeds to the finished product. Mustard was a common crop in this area, but nowadays has to be imported. In cooperation with the mustard factory, there are some farmers which organically grow mustard again in Groningen, which is used for Abrahams mustard.
Special edition
Which one to choose? In the end, we took a selection of 3 different ones.
At their restaurant, you can try their mustard too …
… but we went for a local type of cake, served with butter and sugar
Very nice!

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