Kabak valley & a mountain road

Not far from Ölüdeniz we went for another hike through a beautiful valley with impressive mountains directly at the coast.

Strawberry tree

We had spent the night near the centre of Fethiye again, but the next day we drove back to Ölüdeniz and further south along the coast until we reached Kabak, a tiny village from where our hike started.

But first we were on the lookout for a place to fill up the water tank, and luckily we found a fountain with very good water next to the road.
Close to the coast, the mountains rise up to 2,400 metres

From the Restaurant Pedro Mamma’s (36.467579, 29.123474) the hike started steep down past little summer chalets until we reached the beach.

From the beach we started to hike up on the other side of the valley that leads down to this beach, crossing the river sometimes which is dry in summer but in winter it was a nice little river.

The route was well-marked all the way
View back
Finally, we had reached the height where the Strawberry tree grows!
The fruits are much smaller than the ones in Spain but just as tasty

Finally, we reached the point where we turned to the other side of the valley and back down to the village.

Old path connecting the villages along the coast
View down to the beach of Kabak
Selfie time

On the way to our next destination, the road led through this field of giant rocks which once tumbled down from the cliff above, maybe during an earthquake.

A simple road was winding up the mountains with nothing between us and the steep slope on one side. After many narrow hairpins, we had reached a pass at 1,100 metres.

Steep climb up

On the other side, it was of course going down again. We drove on until we reached our destination for the next day when it was already completely dark. We learned that driving during the night is not a very good idea. A couple of times we suddenly had a motorbike with no backlights, a group of women with a cow or kids on their bikes in front of us.

Descent to the coast again
Flower of the Day!!

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