Hike @ Ölüdeniz

Our first hike in Turkey led us from the famous Ölüdeniz beach along the coast with fantastic views.

The Ölüdeniz beach is very well known, as pictures of it are on every tourism advertisement. The beach forms a tip at its end and another very secluded bay lies behind it. The famous shots are taken from the air, while you are parachuting down from the mountains for example, a main attraction at Ölüdeniz.

Tip of the Ölüdeniz beach
Our hike started at the beach parking, from where we continued to the end of the bay and the Club Sun City Beach. Here a marked route starts up into the mountains, leading to Kayaköy on the other side.
View back to the Ölüdeniz beach
Selfie time
Beautiful coastline
When we reached the pass after about 2 hours, we turned around. Otherwise, we could have continued to the ghost town of Kayaköy, once a village of Greek inhabitants, but we didn’t expect a Dolmus waiting there in winter to take us back.  On our hike we met only three other hikers, which were surprisingly 3 ladies from Korea.
After our hike we drove back to Fethiye, where we found a good spot at the end of the harbour, overlooking the big bay. The snowy mountains in the distance with the full moon and later the lights of the city across the bay made it a spectacular place. (36.626683, 29.090482)

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