Into the desert

We had decided against trying to cross Wahiba Sands, not too keen to challenge our camper that much. We had passed the entrance in the south-east, where we already saw nice sand dunes.

Wahiba Sands

The entrance from the north is at Al Mintirib, where we decided to drive a bit into the sand as the tracks looked very well-used. That day it finally rained, which made it easier to drive, just that the view wasn’t that nice. When the rain got stronger and the vision less, we turned around.

In Al Mitirib, we visited a quirky museum, the Badiyah Museum, where weapons, household items and the history of the Hijri tribe, written on goat skins, are on display.

Who’s skin is that?
Badiyah Museum – Mintirib

Our next stop was in Ibra, where we walked through the souq in the rain and then visited the old part of Ibra, where big mud houses are mostly abandoned but still remind you about the wealthy history of this town.

On the way to Muscat, we had a flat tyre, probably the result of a mended tyre driven with low pressure through the sand.

We will be in Muscat the next days, sorting things out again – more soon!

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