Hike along the Neckar river

In the morning the weather looked promising so we went on a hike along the Nekar, on the way back thunder and lightning together with heavy rain made it a little bit uncomfortable, but in total it was a nice tour.

River Nekar and the village of Dilsberg in the distance

Our hike started in Neckargemünd, from were we walked over the hills to Dilsberg, a sleepy village with lovely half-timbered houses.

Lochmühle – a historic mill
City wall of Dilsberg
Charming houses in Dilsberg
Crossing the Neckar at a lock
Neckarsteinach where 4 castles are scattered over the hills
We came past 2 of the castles on our way back

When we were in the middle of the forest, the rain started. We thought maybe we can wait under a tree until it ends but it didn’t stop. We had to decide if we return to the last village and take a taxi or continue up the mountain and down the other side to our starting point. In the end we did the later and in the process got very very wet. But it was just water, so no problem 😉

Crossing back over the Neckar at Neckargemünd
We made it back soaked to the bones
When leaving from the Neckar we had a strange noise coming from somewhere, most likely the suspension, which got more and more intensive. When we came past a big Mercedes dealer in Sinsheim we stopped and a technician was immediately looking into it. The compound spring needed some greasing and the problem was solved. He didn’t even charge us. What a great service!
Parking for the Night
Flower of the Day

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