Gremi castle & the winery

Gremi castle

Instead of climbing into the mountains, we were now in the flat wine area of the Kakheti region of Georgia. We went to visit the castle of Gremi and of course a winery, to try Georgian wines.

Next to the castle of Gremi, a museum shows archeological artefacts. Most interesting were the bronze and iron axes and daggers from the 9th century BC.

The royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels are from the 16th century. The complex is what has survived from the once lively trading town on the Silk Road and royal residence of the Kingdom of Kakheti, until being razed to the ground by the Persian army in 1615.

Top floor of the keep
View to modern Gremi
Archangels’ Church getting new roof tiles
Typical Georgian broom
Gremi keep

Our next stop was the village of Kvareli, where we chose the Kindzmarauli Cooperation, a big winery, for a visit and lunch.

Kindzmarauli Cooperation

Kindzmarouli Cooperation belongs to the 10 biggest wine producers of Georgia and is also one of the oldest. Beside of the traditional production in Kvevri – large egg-shaped amphorae used for the fermentation, storage and ageing of wine, they also produce wine the European way in temperature controlled steel tanks.

Churchkela – a typical Georgian snack – nuts covered in grape juice jelly
Chacha – the Georgian grappa
Georgian salad with grounded walnuts
Typical Georgian dry white wine – different to the international taste
Khinkali – typical Georgian dumplings
Big variety of wine, brandy and chacha
GAZ truck – very common in Eastern Europe

In the evening we reached the Lagodekhi National Park, where we want to go on a hike tomorrow. More on our next post!

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