First hike in 2022

After celebrating the New Year at a very nice hotel in Side, we were on our way to the region of Lycia, west of Antalya, where we want to do some hikes again. The first one led us into The Göynük Canyon, a short and easy hike to start through a beautiful landscape. In summer you can wade through the canyon, go canyoning or ziplining, but at this time of the year there is too much water in the river and the water is too cold for all of that.

A storm must have recently knocked over many trees
Crossing the river

When we reached the narrow gorge, where you can wade or swim further up the river in summer, the ice cold water was gushing through at such a high level, that there was no way to continue. Clearly a must to come here in summer, if we ever manage.

First hike successfully completed

We will continue along the Lycian coast, visiting ancient towns and hiking here and there – more on our next post!

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