Crossing France

On the way back home, we crossed France from Biarritz at the Atlantic coast to Briançon in the Alpes but made a couple of stops where we discovered for example Uzés, a lovely town and saw beautiful landscapes on the way.

Typical France: alleys of sycamores

We had stopped at Toulouse and Roquefort (earlier posts) and from there had crossed the Cevennes National Park on small roads, luckily without much traffic. The landscape was very beautiful and maybe would have been breathtaking if it wouldn’t have rained the whole day.

Farm parking in Uzés: Domain Saint Firmin
After a long drive through the mountains we finally reached Uzés, where we could stay at the wine farm “Domain Saint Firmin” for the night. The next morning, the rain had stopped and we walked into town. It was Saturday and market day in Uzés.
Vendor selling spiral cutter
Of course we have one of these now

The market was a mix of everything with stalls on all the alleys and squares of the centre of a truly lovely town. We strolled through the market and soon started to buy little delicious treats here and there. Soon we were loaded with bags and made our way back to load everything in our camper.

For staying at his farm we of course visited the farmer and bought a box of wine, which will soon accompany the Roquefort cheese we had bought the day before.

Leaving Uzés, we drove east again. Soon we passed mountains and drove through narrow valleys reaching the town of Gap. Afterwards we crossed the Lac de Serre-Ponçon and finally drove up into the Alpes to Briançon.

Tunnel vision

At an altitude of 1,326 metres, Briançon is the highest city in France. I read that it has more than 300 sunny days a year. We had definitely missed them.

Colourful square in the old town

We found a photo exhibition from a french couple travelling through different countries, which of course was interesting for us. (And at the exhibition it was warm!)

Tea and cider at a tea house

The historical centre is a strongly fortified town, built by Vauban to defend the region from Austrians  in the 17th century.  Nowadays they come with their campers 😉

To small for Mountain biking
It was so cold and grey, we were happy that the heating in our camper was working as well as always. We enjoyed the treats we had bought at the market this morning and hoped for better weather tomorrow, when we will cross into Italy.
Flower of the Day

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