Breitenbrunn and the red poppies

Still at the Neusiedlersee, we went on another hike before we returned to Lower Austria, where we explored the Wiener Neustädter Kanal – more in the post.

Breitenbrunn has a good access to the lake and in the village you can’t miss the formidable defence tower from the 13th century, which houses a museum and can be climbed to get a spectacular view over the lake and the Leitha Hills.

Defence tower of Breitenbrunn
From Breitenbrunn we walked first through the village to the hills and then eastwards to Königstein and back. At this time of the year everything is so lush and green, flowers are everywhere and the weather was also nice. 
Our route took us along the border of a military zone, which is used for training. So better not enter if you don’t want to have bullets flying around your head 😉
Our next stop was at the Wiener Neustädter Kanal, an artificial watercourse put into operation in 1803 and once 63 km long, which was used to transport mainly wood, brick and coal from the area south of the Danube to Vienna. Nowadays a hiking route leads along the channel connecting Vienna with Wiener Neustadt.

Around Wiener Neustadt the landscape is dominated by pine woods and dry meadows. Near Sollenau the channel has to cross a river which reminded me of the channels in France, just a smaller version.

Channel crossing the river
Yellow Iris flowering at the channel

On the same day we visited a friend, who has built his expedition vehicle on an UNIMOG chassis with a lot of love and perfection. We got a tour of the nearly finished car.

Ready for off road adventures
Parking for the Night at the Wiener Neustädter Kanal
Flowers of the Day

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