2nd attempt at Rhodiapolis

We thought that we are going to visit an ancient town we haven’t visited before, but already at a T-junction in the valley, we realised, that we had been here 2 years ago. Already on the way up, we decided to visit Rhodiapolis again.

The town was founded by colonists from Rhodes. The army of Alexander the Great made a stop here before setting up the winter camp at Phaselis in 333 BC. In the Hellenistic period, Rhodiapolis belonged to the Lycian League.

In the Roman period, the city became famous for being the home of the millionaire philanthropist Opramoas. A monument was constructed in his memory close to the city’s theatre. On the monument’s walls is the longest inscription in Lycia, commemorating his benefactions and the numerous honours bestowed on him.

Next we wanted to go to the Ancient town of Lymira, but this time we recognized already before we got there, that we had also visited it 2 years ago. There is no post about these sites, and we don’t know why. We neither found any pictures in our archives, which is weird. We have no idea what happened, but it showed us, that we don’t know what we did, if it isn’t documented on our blog.

Flower of the next day

Next, we want to explore a castle above a sunken city – more on the following post!

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