24th of August, 79 AD

No better place to get a glimpse into an ancient Roman city than in Pompeii! We had been here before, but couldn’t resist to walk through the streets again, looking into villas, houses and stores, imagining the life of the people who lived here until 79 AD.

Entrance to the city with Mount Vesuvius in the back
Rebuilt theatre – when we came here in 2006 it had no rows

One of the things we love most are the worn streets with the big stones to cross them without getting dirty.

Forum of Pompeii
Villa with water basin in the courtyard and garden in the back
A thermopolium, an inn or snack-bar where ready-to-eat food was sold,
mainly used by those who did not have their own kitchen.
Plaster cast of a child

There were at least 31 bakeries in Pompeii, each with wood-burning ovens, millstones and a sales counter. Such an oven full of numerous loafs of bread was discovered, left behind by a fleeing baker.

Big palaestra – sport facility with a pool in the middle
Where the excavation ends, the rest of town is still uncovered.

Besides of Pompeii, there was one more sight we wanted to see in the region of Naples, and that was the Reggia di Caserta, the royal palace – more on our next post.

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