Updating the shocks @ the rear axle

The original Mercedes rear shocks are too weak to handle the heavy load of the caravan in critical situations. The car tends to waver and totter which makes it difficult to handle.

All the tools needed for the replacement of the rear shocks @ Fethiye, Turkey.

So we decided to change the shocks to a heavy duty version which is designed for our specific application.
New heavy duty shocks (www.marquartstossdaempfer.de)
We carried the new shocks since December with us and are now located in Turkey (January, sunny and 18 Celsius) so we decided to apply the new toy to the car.
Fethiye, a perfect place to update the car.
Rear axle with the old shocks
Really no big deal, just 4 screws and an easy replacement to do. 
Lets start working ….
After 15 minutes the old one is out
And the new one is in place, but …..
The new shock is to close to the frame!
We need about 5 millimeter more distance between frame and the shock!
After about 30 Minutes of cycling through the harbour shops a solution was found ..
Flat washer from the marine hardware store!
Applying the flat washer.
Perfect fit on both sides.
Now the distance between frame and shock is more than enough!
Job done! Lets see if the driving performance is enhanced.

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