Our Corona diary, week 3

Week 3 of self isolation is over and we are facing positive numbers this sunday! The number of newly  infected Austrians dropped to 4% compared to abt. 40% 3 weeks ago. 
Under 7% the corona world is on its way to the light at the end of the tunnel, running under 7% means that we do not increase the total number of infected, because de recovered patients drop the total number.
Masks obligatory from next week on (our 1st home made version)

April, 5th
The corona new infection line flattens out. 
percentage of newly infected drops to 4%
But in other parts of the world the virus has just started spreading! The current number one is USA with 323 000 infected people. Trump, he did a very good job,  is expecting 200 000 deaths. 
We are safe in our location and do not move out, except for our hikes. Our next planned shopping for food and beverage is Tuesday, this means we keep up our 2 weeks interval stocking up. 
Our daily hiking routine ..
Lot of other things to to, like updating the camper …

The government will announce on Monday the next steps reducing the countries shut down step by step. We are curious what ideas they are going to implement.

The government will announce the next step to restart the economy

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