Hike along the dunes

Where the river Oder reaches the Baltic Sea, its estuary forms a big lagoon through which the border to Poland runs. On the German side we went for a hike to an inland dune and the valley of the yew.

Hiking over the dune

We had spent the night at the harbour of Altwarp, a tiny village at the end of the world. From here you can take a little boat to Neuwarp (Nowe Warpno) on the Polish side of the Oder but no bridge or ferry connects the two sides.

Parking for the Night
The dunes of Altwarp are a natural reserve and many different butterflies and plants can be found here. Before the pine trees were planted to protect the area from erosion, wind transported the sand to an area where a sand dune far from the sea was formed.
Wild carnation
The sandy area is covered with pine trees
Cemetery for russian soldiers of WWII
Yew valley
Ferry to Poland
Backfisch at the harbour

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