Uganda – a summary

Some infos from Uganda for our fellow travellers: Border:we came from Rwanda, over the small border at Cyanika, where they asked explicitly about our drone. We didn’t want to lie into their faces and confessed that we have one. In the end, we had to leave it at the border. There was some discussion if …

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Rwanda – a summary

Some infos from Rwanda for our fellow travellers: Border: we came from Tanzania, which was the best border up to now, with just one stop and everything straight forward. We left to Uganda over the small border at Cyanika, which went also without any problem, just that the Ugandan side confiscated our drone. When we …

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Tanzania, a summary

Here some of our experiences in Tanzania which we want to share with fellow travellers: Border:we used the small border north of Mbala in Zambia, close to Lake Tanganyika and the border to Rwanda, which were both very easy and fast to cross. Visa: we got a 3-month visa for $50,-pp three times in a …

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Travel Route 2023

Mid of January we left Dar es Salaam to explore a bit more of Tanzania, especially the famous National Parks in the North. After reaching Lake Victoria, we decided to got first to Rwanda and then Uganda and Kenya. Later this year our route will take us south again, slowly back to South Africa.


Our base in Swakopmund was the “Alte Brücke”, a luxurious campsite, where we not only had our own bathroom with hot shower but also our own palm tree for some shade. We came here a couple of times, explored the town, did some shopping and went on some of the tours on offer when we …

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Travel Route 2022

We started the new year in Side/Turkey, from where we travelled back to Greece and immediately to Italy. We explored the South of Italy for a bit and then returned to Austria to prepare for a new continent. We spent the Easter holidays with our son exploring the Normandy before we finally dropped our camper …

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Roya Valley

We thought this time we would be able to explore the Roya Valley up to the Col de Tende pass and use this route to go to Cuneo in Italy. We had already intended to come here in April 2018, but back then, snow had made it impossible. We didn’t know that in October 2020 …

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Cathedral of Cádiz


We had reached the Costa de la Luz at Cádiz, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe. The earliest archaeological remains are from the 8th century BC, as it was founded already by the Phoenicians. As Cádiz is situated on a narrow slice of land surrounded by sea‚ we started our walk around it along the …

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Llerena & Zafra

With Llerena and Zafra we visited two towns with lovely historic centres, city gates and beautiful places. The whole area was in the hands of the Order of Santiago after the Reconquista. The Moors were driven away from the area of Llerena in 1243 by the Spanish-Portuguese general and Grand Master of the Order of …

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