Cappadocia 3

Again at quarter to five, we were woken by the noise of balloons getting filled up, this time even closer. Many were starting next to us, floating into the Love Valley with its fantastic fairy chimneys, before they made their way further to Göreme.

More and more people started to come there, taking their pictures in front of the balloons, sometimes in fancy dresses or with a cabriolet next to them. Others had breakfast prepared for them with the view over the Love Valley and the balloons in the sky.

view on Erciyes Dagi

There were other campers too, and together with a lovely couple from Austria, we went on a hike into the Love Valley. We decided on a goat trail to get down into the valley, and a Dutch guy joined our adventure. First we came past the fairy chimneys and later through a narrow valley before we reached the top and made our way back home. Flowers are everywhere at the moment, and we came past apricot, walnut and almond trees, and passed vineyards and fields of onions, potatoes and much more.

Can you spot our camper?
Making our way into the valley
Flower of the Day

The next morning, we were still at the same spot, but it was complete different. There were no balloons starting for some reason, and we could sleep as long as we liked, which we appreciated.

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