Walk around Schwarzensee & scrambled eggs …


We were crossing through a region called Salzkammergut, and when you don’t know what that is, I can quote the description from the Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, from 1888: “The landscape is one of the most beautiful parts of the German Alps, with lovely, laughing areas, friendly towns and castles, great mountain basins with dark green lakes, roaring streams, towering mountain giants from which glaciers descend.”

We decided to stop at a lake where we hadn’t been before – the Schwarzensee, close to Bad Ischl and St. Wolfgang. It lies hidden between mountains and a path leads around this lake, which made a nice walk through a snowy landscape.

Hungry we scanned the fridge for left overs and decided the eggs had to be used. Edi had his camera close so he documented the cooking in case somebody doesn’t know how to prepare eggs ūüėČ

Hallstatt lake

Another famous site in the Salzkammergut is Hallstatt. We had stopped at the opposite side of the lake, from where we had a great view.

Tomorrow we will explore the park of Hellbrunn near Salzburg and afterwards we will have a look at a possible car for a bigger camper!

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