Visiting friends @ Buzău

On our way through Romania, we stopped at Buzău, a town which is probably not on many bucket lists, but we know a couple there, which we wanted to visit. It is always great, to visit a country with locals showing you around, so we looked forward to a day in and around this town.

Town hall

The town hall or Communal Palace, in the central Dacia Square, is a most beautiful building in the centre of town. We also visited the Archiepiscopal Cathedral and the market, before we went to a very fascinating sight in the surroundings: the mud volcanos!

Archiepiscopal Cathedral

The mud volcanoes near Berca are holes or cones in the ground from which natural gas has lifted mud and clay, creating a spectacular lunar landscape. The desert-like area of ​​the mud volcanoes has lively bubbling hills of mud, which runs slowly down the slopes.

The mud comes from a depth of 3 km
Our friends Johannes and Ani showing us around
The mud is cold and felt really nice
Cracked mud around the volcanos
Lunar landscape created by the volcanos
Ciolanu Monastery
Reliquary casket of the Saint
Ciolanu Monastery
Ringing the bell for Mass
Schitul Cetățuia

We had seen a lot this day and were received very generously at the home of our friends, where we could try typical Romanian dishes. We also got so much to take with us, that we had problems to store everything: from an enormous amount of fruits, cheese, eggs, sausages, stuffed cabbage and wine leaf rolls, a bun with nuts and chocolate, to wine and spirit, all home made. We will not need to buy anything for days!

We are now on the way to Turkey, crossing Bulgaria rapidly thanks to their stupid toll system. More on our next post!

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