Twin Tower Hike

We passed the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, before we reached Knittelfeld, where we spotted two towers standing out of the hill behind the town. It looked like a good hiking destination, so we searched for a parking and started to walk.

From the outskirts of Knittelfeld (47.218293, 14.824699), a path flanked by chestnut trees leads up in the direction of the mountain with the towers, which soon crosses the highway and enters the forest.

Getting closer
After about 1.5 hours, we reached the so-called “Tower in the mountains” which is supposed to mirror the cathedral of nearby Sekau, which is called “Dome in the mountains”.  You can climb the towers, if you have the right coins. 1 Euro per person opens the gate to get to the stairs, we only had one, which was a little bit disappointing. The view would have been nice from the top.
No Euro – no climb up the tower
Mountain hut – closed
Spring everywhere

This “little” fellow crossed our path. I never saw such a big caterpillar before! Later we looked it up: it is the caterpillar of the goat moth, which seems to be very common. It needs 3–5 years to mature before it turns into a large, heavy moth with a wingspan
of 68–96 mm. The wings will be greyish brown and marked with fine dark
cross lines. It flies from April to August depending on the location.  Its Latin name is Cossus cossus which reminded me of couscous 😉
Fascinating!! (Thank you, Wikipedia)

And who are you ?
Flower of the Day

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