The Saladi Beach Hotel

We had found a wonderful beach South of Nafplio, where we spent a couple of days not only hiking but also visiting a hotel. Actually we were parking directly in front of it, just that it was closed, and that already for years. A tour through the hotel took us past the pool and reception and up many floors until we reached the rooftop with a magnificent view.

Welcome to Saladi Beach!

Once a luxurious hotel with pool, tennis courts, open air theatre, bungalows and much more, it is now a ruin, abandoned and vandalised. The owner once expected to make good money with nudists as guests, until religious moralists extorted the complete ban of nudism in Greece in 1980. It seems the hotel continued for “clothed” guests until it had to close in 1996.

The reception hall
The pinball machine
One artist …
… differnet interpretation!
The office ..
… and the marketing department!
and some notes.
moving upstairs …
2nd floor
3rd floor
nice sea views …
Room not yet ready for the next guest?
the party is over!
roof top views …
lovely bungalows
Flower of the Day

After exploring this site we will leave this very nice beach to look for new adventures. More on our next post!

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