The ruins of Side

At the harbour town of Side Roman ruins, modern houses and sand dunes are mixed together and give this little town a very special flair.

Cruising the dunes of Side

We had found the perfect parking for the night at the beach just east of the old town (36.765499,31.396299). From here it was a short walk through some ruins into the centre near the harbour.

Temple of Apollo in the evening

Ready to dig
Every free plot of Side seems to be an excavation site. We saw a couple of them were serious work was going on. There are many streets and places which are covered with glass so you can walk over it and admire the mosaics and old walls underneath it.
Ancient floor with different layers which were built on top.

Carefully digging deeper

Temple of Apollo near the harbour

There are many restaurants and nice places to have a drink, but most of the streets in town are shops selling fake designer clothes, watches and souvenirs. Here most of the shops were open and a view tourists from the big hotels around were giving the place a nice flair even in January. Much better than being the only tourist wandering past closed shops ūüėČ

Enjoying the good weather at the beach bar
Parking for the Night
Flower of the Day

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