The Photographer of Albania & the old bridge

We were now in the most northern town of Albania: Shkodër. In the centre of town a museum dedicated to the photography studio of the Marubi family got our interest and afterwards we found an old bridge not far from Shkodër.

From the Marubi family – also spelled Marubbi – came the important Albanian photographers Pjetër, Kel and Gegë Marubi. They ran a photo studio in Shkodër for three generations in the 19th and 20th centuries, which was the first ever in Albania. With their work, the Marubis made a significant contribution to documenting Albania of their time. They took pictures of landscapes and political events, but mostly pictures of Albanians in traditional costumes of their time. The modern museum gives a good impression of their work.

Family picture of the Marubis
Today was market day in Shkodër, everywhere big and small stalls were offering their goods. Clearly the farmers from the surrounding areas came into town to sell their goods. Who couldn’t afford a proper stall was selling out from his car and if he had no car he was setting up some boxes along the road and putting on display what he had.
Everything you need for a nice hair style

Fruits and veggies everywhere

Colourful plastic decorating the bushes along the river
Bridge of Mes

Original pavement 
Tea and espresso for 80 Euro cent

Finally the car gets washed again!

Our last night in Albania at the beach of Velipojë

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