@ the Oranje River

After crossing the border without any problem, we followed the Oranje River to a great camping directly at the river where we relaxed for a day.

After the border, we managed to buy a Namibian sim card at the petrol station and withdraw some Namibian dollars at the ATM. Our camping at the river was not far, and we soon could relax at this hot day.

Winter in Namibia, 27 Celsius
View from our campsite
Preparing for our braai

We got a canoe for the day, which we paddled up stream to float back to our camp. We also did a tour down stream, but not too far, so that we would be able to get home again.

Leaving the Amanzi Trails River Camp at the Oranje River after 2 nights, ready to explore Namibia.

After we left the camping, we drove along the river to Aussenkehr, a farm, which grows grapes at the river bank, in the desert-like landscape a strange sight.

Filling up at the Agrimark

The village consists mainly of huts build with mats, where more than 10.000 people live. Next to the huts is a complex of supermarket, banks and other shops.

Aussenkehr is considered the largest table grape growing area in the southern hemisphere. In 2003, 12,000 tonnes of grapes were produced, which are mostly exported to Europe.

This nice road ends in a couple of hundred metres
Grapevine in the desert

We are now on the way to Ai-Ais, the hot springs in the Fish River Canyon – more on our next post!

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