The museum of Josef Stalin

When we arrived at Gori, the native town of Stalin, we were first invited into a Turkish shop for tea, but finally we made it to the bizarre museum.

Meeting a Czech family, travelling with the UAZ
Tasting the jus of pickled fruits – interesting ūüėČ

How would the world look like, if this man, and some others too, had not been able to cause so much harm? Hard to tell. Probably other evil would have appeared. To visit a museum worshiping Stalin, was a strange experience. Imagine there would be a museum about Hitler in Germany, showing him as a great leader.

Wagon Stalin used to travel in
Temple like building, covering his parent’s decent house
Palatial museum for the man responsible for the death of 20 million of his own people

A tiny, neglected room under the stair is dedicated to the gulags, forced labor camps and the major instrument of political repression in the Soviet Union.

No photo of the souvenir shop!

Imagine selling souvenirs with Hitlers portrait, just disgusting. Maybe it shows how strong propaganda can be, and how easy it is, to believe, what you are told to believe. We were relieved, when we left this building.

We are now on the way to Uplistsikhe, an ancient town hewn into the rocks, and an important trading town at the silk road. More on our next post!

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