The Motorcycle Room @ Knysna

We were hurrying along the coast in direction to Cape Town, also known as the Garden Route, as the weather was cold and rainy and we had been here before. A motorcycle museum made a great stop on the way for us.

Riding the bike my mother used for her adventures

The Motorcycle Room is a private collection of the bikes we had and rode growing up, the bikes we haven’t seen in years, and the bikes we miss. Some are well restored, others just how they were left in the shed after riding them heavily.

SUZUKI Motocross collection starting in the late 70’s

If you’re looking for a collection full of rare and priceless bikes that none of us have or will likely ever ride, The Motorcycle Room is not it. But we found it a fascinating collection and got a lot of information from Norman, the man on duty.

And the HONDA Motocross & “HARD-Enduros” of the 80’s
Huge collection of the “old KTM’s” when white was the color for “ready to race
historic 2 stroke power with up to 495 ccm for the brave ones
nowadays 300ccm is the choice for winning the “Roof of Africa”
very rare collection of “mini crossers” of the early days when MAGNUM meant 50cc
The YAMAHA XT of 1976
The KAWASAKI Z 1000 from 1977
perfect view into a vintage workshop
Norman explaining the Christini AWD system for dirt bikes

We are continuing along the coast, stopping at Mossel Bay next, as it has some new attractions we had not seen 18 years ago. More on our next post!

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