The little red lighthouse

An easy hike to a lighthouse in the North of the Lyngen Peninsula held some surprises like a ship wreck and a hut to explore. In the morning the fog was thick and it took some time until the sun made it disappear but the afternoon was magnificent with sunshine and no wind – it felt like a summer walk (in the North).

Along the path there is some information about the history of the area. The peninsula was already a strategic point long ago and already during the Stone Age there was a settlement here. They discovered the remains of a Sami settlement of round turf huts dating back 4500 – 1800 years BC! There were also slab-lined pits discovered which were used to produce marine mammal oil from seal and whale blubber.

Information boards also with english texts
The route is marked with red rocks

When we spotted the ship wreck we had to go and explore it. A fishing ship was torn into two parts and sliced open at the bottom. The mangled metal parts lying around clearly showed the force of the sea. Hopefully the crew of this ship escaped in time.

Bottom thoroughly sliced open

Finally we reached the lighthouse and the little red hut, which was open and we took a look at the interior – simple but cosy. I can imagine if you get caught by a storm it would be great to find shelter in this little hut where you can light a fire and stay warm.

During our visit it was warm and no need to seek shelter. There was no wind at all which made a very calm atmosphere which I enjoyed very much sitting on my rock and looking out over the sea.

If you want more useful information about this hike, look at stunning Outdoors. That’s were I found out about it.

Yeah, another campfire!!
Parking for the Night

We had met Mariann on our hike and as she was camping next to us we enjoyed the campfire together, getting to chat about this and that.

The position was perfect, the sky was clear, but the full moon already up behind the mountains made it a light night. Nevertheless the Northern Lights appeared and gave a little show before the moon finally rose completely.

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