The KEN KNIT Factory

Eldoret is a big city in the West of Kenya, famous for the world famous runners who come from this area. We stopped here to get our new Carnet de Passage stamped – it turned out it was not necessary, we can do that when leaving Kenya, and to extend our Visa, which is still in progress after a week since we applied, but we were informed we can travel on anyway.

Eldoret – the city of champions

While sorting all that out, we stayed at a nice campsite outside of town called Naiberi Camp. There we saw some knitwear and enquired about it. Turns out the owners of the campsite also run a knitting factory in town. We were invited to visit it, which we did with delight.

Ken Knit – the biggest employer in Eldoret
Raj – our host at the campsite, welcomed us at the factory

Acryl is imported from Indonesia and died at the factory as needed. A big part of the production are jumpers as part of the school uniforms, but also Masai Shukra and blankets are woven here.

Knitting wool
Modern knitting machines produce school jumpers in all the required colours.
Quality control and packing
Sleeves are sawn onto the jumper
The school logo is stitched on
Masai Shukra
Blankets are produced also from recycled material
Ken Knit is a family run business we learned
Their latest project: a temple which needs to be finished in less than a month
Rupa’s Mall – a big modern shopping centre

We had enjoyed our visit to the factory, what an interesting insight and we especially had enjoyed the hospitality of Raj. We wish him all the best for the inauguration of the temple!

3 thoughts on “The KEN KNIT Factory”

  1. Nitin Shah (Dhanani)

    Well done Ken Knit
    We know the family who runs this
    Buissnes for long time
    Satish and all well done
    Hats Off

  2. Shanti chauhan

    Pioneers of industrialisation of Knitwear in Eldoret in 60s. A unique family enterprise that has evolved over half a century from a simple knitwear, diversified into various commercial enterprises. An amazing achievement contributing to Kenyan economy. Well done

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