The Jermuk Spa

We made our way to Jermuk, where we went to explore the spa town which is known for its hot springs and mineral water which is also bottled in town under the brand Jermuk. Many hotels are waiting for tourists, others are not in use anymore, as we found some abandoned Soviet time buildings.

Track through a village to get to the lake
Alley of stable buildings
Did you watch the movie “Cars”?
 Sports palace dating back to the Soviet days
Once a fantastic building – now in ruins
Pool at the sports palace
Crumbling stairs
Decoration at the sports palace
Sports palace from the rear
 Sculptures depicting Armenians who fought against the Ottoman Empire
Hotel @ Jermuk
Gladzor Spa Hotel – abandoned
Gladzor Spa Hotel above the Arpa Canyon
Tour operators waiting for clients
Grand Resort Jermuk

We went to the drinking hall, enjoying a good Armenian brandy, until we realised that we were at the hotel bar, and the drinking hall was on the other side of the street. When we finally went there, we found the warm mineral water incomparable to the drink we had before ;-).

Drinking hall with lukewarm mineral water
Drinking hall @ Jermuk

We took a walk into the gorge of the Arpa River, coming through a natural arch and finally reaching a wonderful waterfall, one of the tourist attractions.

Arpa Canyon and Gladzor Spa Hotel
Waterfall surrounded by basalt formations
“Mermaid Hair” waterfall @ Jermuk
Parking @ Kechut reservoir

The next day, we went to explore more in Jermuk, before we were on the way to the Armenian Stonehenge – more on our next post!

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