The Horseshoe Bay

Today our hike lead us to a lagoon, a castle and the most beautiful bay I have seen – the Voidoikilia beach shaped like the letter Omega.

From our parking at the beach (36.954887, 21.669404) it was a short walk to the other side of the headland where the brackish water lagoon of Giavola serves as a wildlife habitat, particularly for migratory birds, which stop here on their way from Africa to Northern Europe.

Walking along the lagoon of Giavola
In the background, the mountain where the castle lies
Nice path which could need some maintenance
Different flora around the lagoon
The path disappears into the bushes
Historic paved path up to the castle

First glimpse at Paliokastro, the Old Navarino castle, a 13th-century Frankish fortress. It is one of two castles guarding the bay of Navarino. Today a sign warns not to enter the castle as it is dangerously crumbling down.

Still impressive walls along the mountain top
Reaching the main gate
Big parts of the gate came down
Windy but what a view!
We continued through the castle to the other side
Exit to the horseshoe bay
What a view!!!
Steep climb down
Crystal clear turquoise water
The way back, I had to navigate through the dunes
A small path leads along the lagoon
Our second Greek turtle! Didn’t want to show its head.
Danger everywhere!
Rockslide to pass
Flowers of the Day

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