The good, the bad & the ugly

We had been to Western film sites in the area of Almeria, but when we found out, that here near Burgos one of the famous Western of Sergio Leone was filmed, we had to visit the site. The landscape was spectacular!

The drive from Santo Domingo de Silos on a washed out gravel road was manageable with our 4×4, and when we came over the pass into the next valley the scenery was exactly what I would associate with a Western! Edi laughed when I cried out: “Look, that looks exactly like the Wild West!”
Gravel road up and down the hill
Lookout point before the decend
Here it is – the famous Sad Hill Cementery
5000 graves were reerected to save the place from disappearing
The grave of the Unknown which playes an important part in the movie
The paved centre was already overgrown when the restauration started
Flower of the Sad Hill Cementery

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