The Elblag Canal

Near Elblag a canal connects rivers and lakes to form a waterway once required to transport goods. The height difference couldn’t completely be solved with locks but instead inclined planes were installed where boats would be transported on carriages! We had to see that!!

We started with the bikes just below one of the inclined planes and cycled along the canal to see more of them. (Parking: 54.038402, 19.577067)

Sheaves for deflecting the steel cable

The canal was designed by Georg Steenke, carrying out the commission given by the King of Prussia. Construction began in 1844 and it was opened on the 29. October 1860. About 20 ships passed the canal per day, transporting products from Warmia as for example long timber used for ship masts. Later the construction of the railway reduced the use of the canal.


The funiculars are each equipped with a machine house in which the hoisting machine is located. The rope drum is driven by a reduction gear through a water wheel.

The inclines all consist of two parallel rail tracks. Boats are carried on carriages that run on these rails. The second carriage is lowered down the incline to counterbalance the upward moving carriage, its weight helping to pull the other one up.


The canal worked independently of other waterways and as a result the boats were designed within the limits of the inclines concerning draught, length and width. Amazingly the boats could carry loads of about 50 tonnes. Nowadays only tourists and private yachts use the canal for fun.

Reaching the top
Moving down into the channel
Leaving the carriage again
Cruise ship to travel over the planes
Flower of the Day
Morning Yoga at the coast …
followed by a swim in the lagoon

What a great day!!

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