The Eigerøy Fyr

South of Stavanger lies an area with such a unique geology that it has been recognised by UNESCO. 900 million years ago, this entire area was a huge magma chamber deep inside the earth. Here you can walk on the same rock as on the moon: Anorthosite. The work of the glaciers turned it into a fascinating landscape of rounded rocks.

We went for a walk to the Eigerøy lighthouse which can be reached easily within 30 minutes. The only challenge is to dodge all the sheep poo! (Parking: 58.441275, 5.886163)

One of the culprits

There is an old pipe leading from this building to the lighthouse, therefore we think it once housed the fuel tank. Today it looks like it is out of a Hitchcock movie.

Eigerøy Fyr
Toying around
Getting closer

Located on an island next to the island of Eigerøya, the lighthouse was established in 1854 and automated in 1989. It was Norway’s first cast iron lighthouse, and its success encouraged the building of many more on the Norwegian coastline. The light from the 32.9 metre tall tower can be seen from all directions for up to 34.8 km. A truly impressive lighthouse!

It got late and Eddy had to put his toys away. (Don’t roll your eyes, that happens when you live in a camper for more than 2 years)

Yes, we admit it now, we invested into a little toy which can fly. Our first pics are already not so bad, and we are looking forward to get some amazing shots for you!

We for sure hadn’t seen enough of this fascinating area, tomorrow we will truly get into it, exploring the most amazing places. Watch out for our next post!

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