The Chauga Gorge Hike

A truely fantastic gorge lies just inland from Ágios Nikólaos near the lovely village of Kritsá. It is called Chauga Gorge and leads through a very narrow valley with washed out walls.

Kritsá is a village with typical white washed houses climbing up the hillside. It is well visited in summer but now in winter most of the shops were closed, but more about that later.

Starting point: 35.160913, 25.648525
Entrance into the gorge
Well marked route through the river bed

Soon the climbing started

Fantastic riverbed between steep walls

Climbing up between washed out walls

Few difficult passages

“This way! Come on!!”

The river bed starts to get wider again

Too soon our route left this beautiful gorge and led us back again

When we had returned from the hike we went to visit the village. It must be very different in summer when all the shops are open and tourists stroll around. At the end of November nearly all the shops were closed and nobody else was visiting beside of us. Therefore we couldn’t say no when an old lady lured us into her shop, and of course we couldn’t leave without one of her hand made tableclothes either!

Very nice shop owner

Her sister crocheting the border for another tablecloth

She owns the shop since 40 years and showed me her sons and grandchildren

Church of Kritsá
Flower of the Day

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