The Castle of Coca

We stopped at the little town of Coca north of Segovia, which has a fairytale castle we wanted to visit. How different this castle is to the ones we have seen during the last months.

The castle was constructed in the 15th century and is one of the best examples of Spanish Mudejar brickwork. After seeing many castles built from huge massive stones this brick castle looked more like a toy than a serious defensive structure. But even the landscape had changed and in the flat plains in the north of Segovia brick was probably the best available material. We noticed that in this area also the houses were made out of brick unlike everything we have seen in the north of Portugal or at Zamora just the day before.

Nice examples of blacksmith art work
Tower on the other side of Coca
Beautiful facade, but nothing behind it
Town Hall of Coca
City Gate
In Coca, we also discovered an old city wall, remains of a roman building where you still could see the wall paintings and a spring fountain, where we returned later to fill some bottles with the fresh water.
A big moth warming in the sun
Flower of the day

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