The castel of Almonacid de Toledo

On the way to Toledo, this impressive castle dominates the landscape. We couldn’t resist and took the road up – which might require a 4×4 for campers. If you manage the first part of the gravel road, where a lot of wheel spinning had created deep holes, than you are good!

Castillo Almonacid de Toledo

The first documented reference to this castle dates from the year 848 and is of Muslim origin, when it served as a strategic surveillance point for a historic travelling route through this region.

In the 11th century it became the property of Alfonso VI of León and Castilla as part of the dowry of his wife Zaida, a Muslim princess. Later it was donated to the Cathedral of Santa María de Toledo, being reformed in the 14th century by order of the Archbishop. It was then used as a prison for Don Alfonso Enríquez, count of Gijón and Noreña and bastard son of Enrique II of Castile, arrested by order of his brother Juan I of Castile. In 1809 it served as a refuge for General Venegas’s troops in the fight against the French in the Battle of Almonacid, although in vain, since finally, the castle was conquered by French troops.

Castle flowers

We are now on our way to Toledo, the “City of the Three Cultures” (Christians, Muslims, and Jews) and the city known for all kinds of bladed weapons of highest quality. More on our next post!

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