The blue lake

Lake Blåvatnet, or the blue lake as it is called, is another gem of the Lyngen Alps and for sure no secret. We went there on a beautiful weekend and many Norwegians had the same idea. Most of the way there is not really a path as you are walking over the rubble a glacier had left in the wide valley. At the end, below the glacier, lies an amazingly blue lake which reflects the mountains looming over it – breathtakingly beautiful!

The first part took us through a wet bog, partly crossed on boards, but soon we reached the rocks which got more tricky to walk on as closer we got to the lake. The rocks got bigger and it was harder to find a good spot to step on. In total the hike is 8,4km but it takes at least 3 hours to get there and back. Parking from where the hike starts: 69.758028, 19.956026

The direction is marked with red stones
Climbing the last big rocks

The impressive blue tones of the water are the result of the sedimentation of silt particles eroded of the steep mountain in the background. At this time of the year the sun didn’t reach the lake any more. In summer the blue is probably even more intense.

A last view back after a great hike

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