The Black Cat – an Italian Dinner

Crossing Italy, we stopped at Borghetto, which is a lovely place near Verona. It was the second time we went there, but again we were not lucky with the weather.

On our first visit (post from April 2018), we had stopped for the night while it was raining heavily. This time it was not so bad. We used the parking at Borghetto which costs 10,-/night for campers and had a look at this lovely village at the river Mincio.
Fiume Mincio
At night, we chose Ristorante Gatto Moro for dinner. Beside of us, there were only Italian families at the restaurant and the food was excellent. Our waitress spoke very good English and when we asked her where she had learned the language she said from YouTube! New generation 🙂
Italian cheese board

The big surprise came the next morning. When we intended to leave the parking and went to pay our ticket, the machine said 30,-!!! Euros for one night. We first thought there is something wrong, but after reading all the signs at the entrance we found out, that campers over 3,3 metres high, were classified as a coach and the coach fee is 30,-. There was nobody there and when calling the numbers on the machine nobody answered. So at the end we payed 30,- and will never come back to this parking.

We finally drove east past Venice and then north to Tarvis and Austria. We tried to get to Austria without filling up our Diesel tank again, as the price is much lower in Austria. So when we ran low on fuel we filled the reserve fuel can we had with us into the tank.

But when driving through the Val Canale or Kanaltal, which is a narrow valley where the highway leads through many tunnels, we were on reserve again. We would have filled up a little bit at an Italian gas station to get to Austria safely, but there was none. So we drove through tunnels, which had oncoming traffic and only one lane while the reserve sign was gleaming read. It seamed the tunnels didn’t end and when we left one, the next one began. I had found a gas station off the highway at the next exit, which was long 30 kms away. We were very tense, praying that the fuel would last that long. If we would have had to stop, we would have blocked the tunnel completely. This were the longest 30 kms we ever drove! When the exit finally arrived we relaxed a little bit and when we reached the gas station it was such a relief that we had made it!! Sometimes “shit doesn’t happen” 😉

Flower of the day

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