Technical updates for AFRICA

We wanted to do a lot of improvements to our camper before leaving for Africa, therefore we had planned a view weeks mostly in Austria and Germany, to get all the work done in time.

Special thanks go to:
Mathias (
ORC Team (
Günther (
Dopfer Team (
Luca Zech (
Votronic Team (
Schlosserei Scheiber (

List of adaptations:
– update of the rear springs
– service of the engine and gear box
– downgrading to EURO3 for low Diesel quality
– change of the front- and rear bumpers
– exchange of the broken 220V inverter
– change of the toilet to a dry separating toilet
– new fridge
– new roof ventilator windows
– new solar panels
– and a lot of smaller things ….

servicing the rear springs
engine service @ TRAC MOG
updating the central maintenance database
changing the broken 220V inverter
changing the rear shocks
after 20,000 km of rough roads
front bumpers / old & new
it is done …
adjusting the wheel geometrics
old toilet
no toilet
new dry separation toilet / from now on no need for water or electricity
new fridge
new roof ventilators
new solar panels, already covered with Sahara dust!
@ ORC workshop, downgrade to EURO3
catalytic converter & particle filter
removed particle filter body

We got all the things done in time, just the change of the differential at the axles to get a better gear ratio didn’t work out. It was a last minute idea, and when the wrong parts were delivered, we had no time left to wait for the right ones.

Rear & (wrong) front differential

We are now ready and set, we only have to deliver the camper at the port of Antwerp and off it goes – more on our next post!

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