Tarangire National Park

We had found a simple camping just outside the park (Wild Palm Camp), from where we drove for one day into Tarangire National Park. Originally, we were not sure, if driving into a Tanzanian national park with our car would be a good idea, but it turned out to be great. While other tourists in their open safari cars were fighting the Tsetse flies, we kept the windows shut as much as possible.

The park is situated along the Tarangire River, which provides a great water source for all the animals. It is famous for its high density of elephants and baobab trees. From both we saw a lot, but also many other animals.

We saw hundreds of Elephants that day, but a special experience was a mud hole, which was directly on our track. Groups of elephants were coming here to take a bath and obviously enjoying the mud very much. They slid in, splashed around and especially the little ones had difficulties to get out of the slippery mud again. We had no choice than to wait and enjoy the ongoing, until finally the last group had left and we could continue our way.

Since Kafue National Park in Zambia, we have a big respect for elephants. Here in Tarangire we had to drive past them very close on many occasions, but they were always completely relaxed and never bothered by our car.

Elephants in the distance
Male impala
Vervet monkey
difficult LION spotting ….
Spotting some birds down at the river
Black crowned cranes
Grey heron
Yellow-collard lovebird
Superb starling
Lilac-breasted roller
Baobab tree
Female ostrich
Male giraffe
with bald horns and a prominent lump in the middle of the skull

The roads through the park were really good, just this one section was a bit of a challenge for us, going down a washed out path with big holes was a little bit tricky, but we made it.

Tarangire River

We had spent the whole day driving along the river and its surrounding, spotting many animals. The landscape with so many baobab trees was also special.

Our car was registered at the gate and for some reason was classified as 2-3t (we have 5,5t), which saved us $50,- per day for the car. In total we payed $295,- for our day at Tarangire National Park.

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