Stone Age in Tanzania

We had stopped at the Kisolanza Farm Campsite where we went on a hike, to their café and farm stall and had a lovely dinner. Our next stop was the Isimila Stone Age Site not far from Iringa, the next town on our way east. We had read that there are also natural stone pillars, which we were looking forward to.

Kisolanza Farm House

When we reached the site after a short bit of gravel, we first visited the office to get our tickets (10,- US$/pp), then the museum, where the Stone Age was explained. In the valley next to the museum, many stone tools were discovered and a hike takes you there.

Getting ready for the mud
Stone tools found here

The circular hike took us to a second valley, where nature had formed pillars like we had seen in South Tirol, the South of France and Bulgaria. Here you can walk through this landscape and along the river, which forms this tall pillars.

Flower of the Day
Male agama

Afterwards, we continued to Iringa, where we did some shopping and went for lunch before we stopped at the River Valley Camp east of town. The next day we continued to the Udzungwa Mountains NP for some more hiking. More on the next post!

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