Stabburs waterfall hike

From the Slettnes lighthouse we were now on our way to the North Cape. Before getting there we stopped near Lakselv at the Stabbursdalen National Park. After spending the night in the middle of the forest we went on a hike to a waterfall. The National Park is known for the northernmost pine forest of the world, which had caught my interest in seeing these old trees withstanding the harsh conditions of this region.

Fighting the wind
Misty weather at Slettnes lighthouse
Reindeer crossing

North of Lakselv we left the main road along the Porsangerfjorden and enjoyed the ride on a new gravel road into the national park until we reached the parking where we spent the night (N70.14974 E24.78338)

Stabbursdalen National Park expands over 747km2 and has all type of landscapes typical for the Finmark region. Our hike took us up into the valley of the River Stabburselva and to a waterfall, crossing pine forests but also areas with mountain birches and open barren plains where we met some reindeer.

From the parking a short 1km hike leads just to the river. 2 other routes start in the same direction, one leads up to a summit the other one to the Stabbursfossen waterfall. If the weather is good you could combine them as they separate only after a view kilometres. The hike to the waterfall is about 5km and an easy route.

Lovely forest lodge next to the river
I made him hug the tree ūüôā

Some of the pine trees are 500 years old, due to the cold weather they grow very slowly.

Could that be elk poop? Female reindeer more likely
Poop of a male reindeer – I would say
Crowberry in the front, bilberry in the back

It was a great hike, even though we didn’t get any sun, but sometimes you are already happy if it doesn’t rain. In the afternoon we left this beautiful national park to finally drive the last fascinating kilometres to the North Cape – more on the next post!!

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